In 2011, Anna de Jong, Anne Huijnen, Isabelle Wenzel and Suzanne Posthumus created their alter ego; Polly. 
Polly takes on different positions within the art scene, she acts as curator, art collective, gallery , platform or podium. But she also creates as an artist or photographer.
She is our playground and transforms into all positions or shapes we wish her to take. Polly works as an umbrella under which multiple collaborations are possible and people and ideas come together. This can be a cooperation among ourselves, with other artists, municipals, companies etc. This results in projects such as exhibitions and installations, but also the research who Polly is or can be is part of the project.
Polly reflects our present era and what it means to be an artist, what position we occupy within the art world, but she also allows us to create our own opportunities.
Since its founding Polly’s Picture Show has realized several projects within the the field of contemporary photography, such as exhibitions, installations and publications. Even though photography is Polly’s Picture Show’s starting point, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all projects result in solely pictures. It’s Polly’s Picture Show’s aim to research the boundaries of photographic medium.
The installations and exhibitions from Polly’s Picture Show deal with themes such as photography, cooperation, dialogue, and space.

Polly’s Picture Show was founded in 2011 by  Anne Huijnen, Anna de Jong, Suzanne Posthumus & Isabelle Wenzel. Anna de Jong and Anne Huijnen continued the project in April 2015 with the two of them.



postal address:
krelis louwenstraat 1B16
1055 KA Amsterdam

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Anna de Jong 1983 NL
Lives and works in Amsterdam.
Graduated from the Photography department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2010 and has a background in Graphic design. 
Her workfocuses on architecture and investigates the impact of the built environment on social behavior.. 


Anne Huijnen 1983 NL
Lives and works in Amsterdam.
Graduated from the Photography department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2010.Her work researches social behavior and the pursuit of good manners.She works in differed media such as photography, video and installations.