Participating artists
Anne Huijnen
Isabelle Wenzel
Suzanne Posthumus
Frederic Klein
Adam Etmanski
Paula Muhr
Milou Abel
Nora Halpern
Joscha Steffens
Anna de Jong
Alicja Bielawska
Fleur van Dodewaard
Kasper Jacobs

Amsterdam 28-09 t/m 21-10,

2012 Polly’s Picture Show, a platform for young talented artists that engage with the medium photo-graphy, presents its third group exhibition named Confetti Generation in the Vondelparkpavilioen. This new exhibition of Polly’s Picture Show presents new work of a generation of artists who were all born in the eighties. They belong to the so-called Confetti Generation – a term that became popular in 2010 through an article published in the magazine HP/De Tijd. The Confetti Generation is characterized by excessiveness. The many different colours of confetti continuously offer new sentiments, which combine to make a party. The Confetti Generation assumes everything is going to be alright; is indifferent, individualistic, and disengaged. The article

suggests that the Confetti Generation is not restricted by any boundaries. Presumably it will only be possible to define the Confetti Generation in the future. It might in fact be premature to look back on a generation that is still in flux. Yet, Polly’s Picture Show presents an exhibition on the phenomenon that is the Confetti Generation. The exhibition is a colourful presentation that focuses on how this generation defines and presents itself. The theme is approached in different ways. Stereotypes are exaggerated or diminished, and while certain works express the abundant visual imagery used by the Confetti Generation; others offer a more associative approach. The Confetti Generation exhibition is an interplay between photography, installation art, video, and sculpture.




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