Confetti Generation / Publication


Featuring work by:
Dana Slijboom
Basje Boer
Kamila Stehlik
Sina Khani
Arnar Ásgeirsson
Elke Baggen
Abe Rechterschot
Julia Kuenzi.

A project curated by Polly’s Picture Show in collaboration with Xavier Fernández Fuentes, made possible with the support of The Rietveld Society and Kunstvlaai 2012.

Eight graduates of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with an age and artistic practice that places them right in the middle of the ‘Confetti era’, were asked to react on one existing artwork by the other seven participants. The process took place entirely via email, and the publication gathers the outcome of the project in a printed edition of 100 exemplars. Copies of the publication will be displayed and available for purchase during the evening.