Participating artists:
Lotte Reinmann
Dana Slijboom
Anna de Jong
Sara-Lena Maierhofer
Gaël Odilon Paccard
Anne Huijnen
Suzanne Posthumus
Isabelle Wenzel
Nadine Watson & Linda Beumer

De Overkant, Amsterdam
03-09 t/m 02-10, 2011

A collective of young, international artists have joined forces and is now presenting their first group exhibition; Rear View: Borders of Photography. What connects the artists in this exhibition is the fact that photography is always the foundation of their work. This, however, does not always mean that the outcome will indeed be a photo.
The notion that autonomous photography consists of the creation of intriguing images, presented in steady frames on pristine wide walls, seems surpassed by the works in Rear View. The artists in the exhibition work with the overwhelming presence of visual language in our daily environment and with the notion that almost everything has already been photographed before. Photography, for them, is a starting point to negotiate the value and meaning of contemporary visual culture. While in some cases this interest may result in the creation of a photo, in others the outcome manifests itself in installations, collages, sculpture, video, performance and even prose. Photography as an autonomous form of art is not treated as a medium or a technique, but rather as an approach or as a field of interest. Hence, the question being raised here is; where are the borders of photography?
Rear View is like a redirected gaze; the camera, a device that captures the image that one would be unable to see otherwise. The artist determines the frame, yet what exceeds the picture is what constructs the story.


Anne Huijnen, Pruimenbloesem, 2011

 Lotte Reimann, Bumpers, 2011

Dana Slijboom, Untitled, 2011

Anna de Jong, Landscape with a Ruined Tower, 2011

Suzanne posthumus,, 2011

Gael Odilon Paccard, To see and to be Seen, 2011

 Nadine Watson & Linda Beumer, Kings Hill, 2011

 Isabelle Wenzel, Colour Cocktail, 2011


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